Event Management Software Features

PromoSuite is The World's Most Comprehensive Event Organizer Application with Features That Grow Your Business
“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.”
- Bryan Eisenberg

Customized to Fit Your Needs
Built modularly, you use as much or as little of our features as you'd like.
100% Fee-Free Ticketing
The World's First Completely Free Ticketing Service Platform
PromoTix™ offers a 100% ticket service fee free digital ticketing product, complete with attendee mobile app, and event organizer mobile app for checking in attendees to your event. Our costs of ticketing are covered by our sponsors, meaning you keep more of the final price paid for your tickets.
Simply connect your Stripe® account and control your own money, never waiting on payouts and receive ticket sales money daily.
Fight fraud with PromoTix Secured™ tickets using proprietary barcode technology similar to blockchain, control your resale market to add new revenue streams, or white label your ticketing with our upgraded ticketing service.
Virtual Event Video Streaming
Live Event Broadcasting and Video on Demand Streaming
PromoStream™ opens an entirely new revenue source for your event by allowing you to sell virtual tickets for attendees to watch a live or pre-recorded broadcast of your event online.
Eliminate physical venue capacity limits and open up the audience possibilities to anywhere in the world. Stream from any device to millions of people dying for your content.
Engage the audience by selling merchandise during your event online, initiate live chats for attendees, and even accept donations for great causes.
White Labeled Event Mobile Apps
Build Your Own Custom Branded Mobile Apps for Your Events
With PromoJuice™ you can design and create your very own event branded mobile app to engage your customers and sell tickets to your events.
We're not talking about our PromoJuice, PromoSuite, or PromoTix apps, although they are all available for download in the app stores as well. What we're talking about is your very own app.
Send push notifications to your customers about new events being announced to drive sales with a multi-event app, or display the upcoming lineup and schedule for your festival with our single event app. Send special offers through the app and engage your audience through social media. Start building your own list of engaged users with your very own mobile app powered by PromoJuice.
Registration Pages
Collect Data, and Make Events Go Viral
Start marketing before your event is even on sale with Registration Pages. As soon as you announce dates, you can begin collecting interested party data, to use in later marketing campaigns.
PromoJuice™ gets Registration Pages to go viral by motivating fans to invite their friends, and connect their social profiles, for prizes and discounts to your event.
It also encourages Registrations to give you their Spotify® Listening Data, so if you're in the music industry, you'll know exactly who your fans are listening to - and who to book that will garner the most ticket sales from your database.
Marketing Campaigns
Reach New Audiences via Text, Email, or Social Media Ads
Revolutionary to any ticketing platform, PromoJuice™ adds the ability for you to create new audiences of potential attendees not already in your database, based on geographic area, Spotify® listening data, Facebook® page likes, previous concert tickets purchased on PromoTix and much more.
This means you can quickly grow your reach and market your event to new individuals you may not have been talking to previously. And you know they'll be interested in your event based on their behaviors.
Stop sending emails to the same tired list and get started with PromoJuice's Marketing Campaigns.
Artificial Intelligence that Drive Sales
By far one of the most valuable tools in the entire suite is Insights. PromoJuice™ allows you to see exactly who your customers are listening to on Spotify® so you can make better booking decisions that will resonate with your audience and sell more tickets.
The system will recognize artists you've booked, and automatically alert you to opportunities for marketing and reaching new customers who may be within your geographic area and are listening to those artists on Spotify or have liked them on Facebook.
Think of Insights as not only a place for you to do research, but a virtual assistant who is constantly monitoring and researching new opportunities for you, even while you sleep. Insights will incrementally grow your event's sales.
Ambassador Programs
Your Very Own Army of Sales People
Recruit a team of people to hang up posters, hand out flyers, share content across social media, and sell tickets for you. With PromoJuice™, street team ambassadors can sell tickets for cash or credit through our POS, at no risk of loss to you, the promoter.
You can effectively build teams of hundreds on the ground, promoting your event and selling tickets and merchandise for you both on and offline to generate sales.
Reward them and motivate them with free tickets to your event, merch packs, and cash commissions for sales. The best part is the software automatically tracks progress of the team both on and offline, leaving you free to work on other things. Managing a comprehensive street team ambassador program has never been easier.
Sell More Merchandise Before and During Your Event
Merchandise is a huge revenue center for events, usually sold at the event itself due to the lack of sales channels and distribution capabilities, but PromoJuice™ solves these issues for event organizers.
Connect your Shopify® store and move merchandise at the point of sale when people are purchasing tickets to your events. You can also motivate your Ambassadors to sell merchandise for you as well, in person through our POS or online through their social media accounts linking directly to your Shopify store. You can even sell during live streams or broadcasts through PromoStream.
Choose to fulfill via mail, or have customers pick merch up at the event. Any order driven by PromoJuice's marketing modules is automatically created within your Shopify store, so you still have only one place to go for fulfillment.
App Integrations
Plugins That Help You Do Even More
While PromoSuite™ is robust, we understand the need to tie in with other platforms.
Connect Eventbrite®, Mailchimp®, Spotify®, Shopify®, Facebook®, Instagram®, Stripe® and more.
Tie it all together with PromoSuite.
Dashboard Reporting
Track Each and Every Transaction Tied Back to Marketing
Stop guessing at what's working and what's not. With PromoSuite™ you will see each transaction which occurred due to your marketing efforts, down to the granular customer data level. You'll know little Johny bought because of your Ambassador Sophie, or that Jim bought his VIP tickets from that Social Media Ad, for example.
Dive into each transaction to pull up the order, edit, and adjust it if need be. See your total amount of revenue driven by campaign and calculate your marketing ROI.
Information found here, will help you navigate your marketing ship in the right direction.
Daily Payouts
Take Control Of Your Money
Get daily payouts with Stripe® payment processing. PromoTix™ is fully integrated with Stripe providing you complete control over your money from ticket sales.
With other ticketing companies, even when they say they'll provide daily payouts, you always run the risk of your money being frozen until after the event.
Maintaining a separate processor from your ticketing provider gives you more protection and lowers your risk. Protect your cashflow and control your own revenue stream with Stripe.
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Event Management Software Benefits
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