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Today, you need more than a social ambassador program to successfully promote events. You must have an arsenal of tools at your disposal that manage and track data across all of your promotional efforts online, offline, and through your Team of Raving Fans™.

You need analysis and data that allows you to pivot strategy when needed, and pinpoint missed promotional opportunities to sell more tickets. You need a platform that creates an army of sales people for you both on and offline.

So far, there’s only one company in the industry that can do this.

Today, the marketplace is filled with noise. Our advertising has to cut through that noise and it seems there’s always another event taking place to compete with. We have to get our message heard above all else to sell more tickets. There’s always another promoter popping up overbidding on artists, and trying to capture our ticket buyers.


On top of that, ticketing companies and performers continue to drive the cost of organizing events up higher and higher with ever-increasing fees.

Our Founder, Will Royall, is the Executive Producer of Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain, a large multi-day national music festival in Ozark, Arkansas still to this day. He’s also owned and operated a small booking agency in the past, and owned at one time the third largest concert venue in Central Florida throwing 3 to 4 shows a week. Will was tired of dealing with the issues we all deal with in the industry, and sought out the tools needed to be one of the best.

After trying almost every available tool on the market, he realized that none of them did everything he wanted them to, some were buggy, they didn’t communicate with each other, and most of all when combining tools to get the job done - they were very expensive.

Every event organizer knows they could be selling more tickets to their events and making more money, but the question is, how? We work tirelessly promoting our events, and many times we see the same outcome time and time again. While this was Will’s experience for years, he finally did something about it.

Will’s background in marketing, advertising and software development, along with his frustration with the industry’s available promotional tools led him to develop a new platform for his own use. He created a platform that took the very best features from all of the tools then currently available combined into one, but he didn’t stop there. He added in many new features with all of the data collected, which had never been accomplished before in a promotional tool. He asked the right questions such as: How do I save more time? How can I recognize more opportunities for promo? How do we sell more tickets? It was indeed an expensive endeavor for Will in uncharted territory, but he knew it would be worth it and change the game for so many others in the industry.

When it was complete, Backwoods implemented the new software Will’s team built and the results were outstanding. The festival saw its first profitable year ever on a much larger scale, as ticket sales driven directly by the software added an additional 16% in total revenues adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom line! In addition, the time the team saved managing their promotions was cut by 75%. The platform tracked over 20,000 social posts and over 8,000 geographic locations of promotional activities. Backwoods built a Team of Raving Fans™ too, as the platform recruited over 480 street team members for the event its first year who helped sell the additional tickets, and who were all automatically rewarded for their efforts.

After the platform’s initial proven success, Will thought it only made sense to share the secrets he learned from the best promoters in the world through the software, and provide the software to other promoters.

PromoTix helps attendees experience more shows and create more memories than ever before by helping promoters like you be more successful and throw kick-ass, incredibly well attended, shows. We know why you do what you do, it’s why we love doing it too. We feel we get to be a part of something even greater, by working with so many others like yourself.

We've also come a long ways since the initial days of the platform, and now PromoTix offers a 100% Fee-Free Ticketing product that helps event organizers keep more of the final ticket price than ever before.

Snails, one of the most respected dubstep artists on tour today, manages his tour promotions, album releases, and global Team of Raving Fans™ called the Sluggerz through PromoTix and has promoted over 53 campaigns globally to date. Enchanted Forest in California saw an 80% increase in time savings while managing their street team using the platform. Venue 578 in Florida, saw a 10% increase in VIP table sales, saved $3,000 monthly on text marketing costs, and even launched their own branded mobile app with the platform. And now, event organizers from all over the world have eliminated their ticket-service fees charged by ticketing providers with PromoTix.

The best of the best are starting to catch on.

Our team’s mission used to be to create unique and life-long experiences for people by throwing memorable events, but once we developed PromoTix our mission became something greater. We want more people to experience more events, creating those lifelong memorable experiences by helping other promoters achieve success and profitability so they can throw more events. We feel we have a greater impact on the industry and the attendees now, and boy do we love what we do.

You deserve to be successful. You deserve to hold successful and profitable events. We want to help you sell as many tickets as possible, so that as many people as possible experience the dedication and hard work you put into what you do. We believe in creating memories that last a lifetime for people, and we believe in you.

That’s why we want you to try our 100% Fee Free Ticketing product at no charge at all. We’ll even assign a client success manager to your team who will help to ensure your success for the first 30 days at no charge too.  Use it as long as you'd like and if it’s not for you, you’ll never owe us a penny in fees. It’s that simple.

So what do you have to lose? Are you ready to increase your sales and take your events to the next level with a tool that encompasses the secrets of the very best promoters? Are you ready to create your own Team of Raving Fans™?

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