Advanced Event Marketing Software

Reach more people and sell more tickets with PromoJuice.
"It’s time to turn this digital dependence to our advantage, and use it to target new audiences."
- Culture Hive

Built for Event Marketers
Your job has never been harder. PromoJuice simplifies it.
Integrated with PromoTix™ and Eventbrite®
Marketing That Drives Ticket Sales
PromoJuice's marketing features are fully integrated with PromoTix and Eventbrite.
You can be sure that your campaigns will bring potential ticket buyers right to your checkout screen for ease of conversion, all while tracking exactly what initiative drove the sale.
If you're using PromoTix's fee-free ticketing, you'll also have the additional benefit of in-depth reporting on marketing performance, tied directly to your sales and individual customer ticket data.
Complete Reporting
Track Marketing Efforts, Effortlessly
PromoJuice was built by marketers. We understand the importance of clarity in marketing.
Track back each and every sale to the correct PromoJuice marketing module or channel, and see the total value of revenue driven by your marketing campaigns automatically.
It has never been more clear what you're getting in return for your marketing spend.
Multiple Marketing Modules
Drive More Sales With Multiple Channels of Promotions
Whether you want to build your own custom mobile app, launch social media ads, send text messages, email messages, sell merch, or print flyers - you can do it all and much more with PromoJuice.
Activate fans through registrations, and motivate them to help promote your event through contests. Take it a step further and enlist your own army of PromoJuice Ambassadors on the streets, hanging up posters, flyers, and even selling tickets for you.
PromoJuice pulls global data from PromoTix, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and others to provide you access to new audiences and potential ticket buyers that you otherwise couldn't reach. You can target new audiences not in your personal database with PromoJuice to drive new sales.
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