100% Fee-Free Ticketing Software

PromoTix is the World's First Fee Free Ticketing Software Application
“A study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that ticketing companies charge an average of 27% of the ticket value in fees. On the secondary market, fees are equal to 31% of the ticket price, on average.”
- HuffPost

Put More Money In Your Pocket
PromoTix™ is Built For Every Kind of Event Organizer
100% Fee-Free Ticketing Software
The World's First Completely Free Ticketing Service Platform
PromoTix™ offers a 100% ticket service fee free digital ticketing product, complete with attendee mobile app, and event organizer mobile app for checking in attendees to your event. Our costs of ticketing are covered by our sponsors, meaning you keep more of the final price paid for your tickets.
Simply connect your Stripe® account to and control your own money, never waiting on payouts and receive ticket sales money daily.
Fight fraud with PromoTix Secured™ tickets using blockchain based technology, control your resale market to add new revenue streams, or white label your ticketing with our upgraded ticketing service.
Daily Payouts
Take Control Of Your Money
Get daily payouts with Stripe® payment processing. PromoTix™ is fully integrated with Stripe providing you complete control over your money from ticket sales.
With other ticketing companies, even when they say they'll provide daily payouts, you always run the risk of your money being frozen until after the event.
Maintaining a separate processor from your ticketing provider gives you more protection and lowers your risk. Protect your cashflow and control your own revenue stream with Stripe.
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No Long Term Contracts
Freedom to List Ticket Inventory On Any Other Platform
Unlike other ticketing software applications, we require no long term contracts, and have no rules on the amount of inventory you must list on PromoTix™.
While we are fee-free, and most organizers utilize us for the majority of their ticket inventory because of this, we do understand it's sometimes beneficial from a marketing perspective to list some inventory on other marketplaces.
Eliminate Ticket Servicing Fees with PromoTix