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We're solving problems for attendees and organizers alike, such as eliminating ticket fees.
"According to a study published by the Government Accountability Office in April 2018, the average ticket fee is now 27 percent of the ticket’s face value, with some fees as high as 37 percent."
- Vox.com

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100% Fee-Free Digital Ticketing
PromoTix™ is an advanced ticketing platform for event organizers that saves them and their customers from paying ticket processing fees. Ticket buyers can find events that interest them and purchase tickets through our market place, fee-free.
We offset our company's "cost of ticketing" through sponsorships which we sell to major brands looking to reach event attendees. Those sponsors receive ad space on the digital PDF tickets in exchange for covering the ticketing fees for organizers and ticket buyers.
PromoTix also has advanced features available to event organizers who are interested in PromoTix Secured™ ticket types that use proprietary ticket delivery technology similar to blockchain to fight fraud, ad-free digital ticketing, and white-labeled ticketing.
Advanced Event Promotional Tools
PromoJuice™ is the digital marketing suite of tools which event organizers use to find new customers not already in their database as well as communicate with their current customers, to sell more tickets.
Event organizers can plan and research performers for artist bookings that align with their ticket buyers, create and launch targeted advertisements on social media, send SMS text or email promotions, build and manage their own custom event mobile app, and even engage fans in the promotion of their event through contests.
PromoJuice is the most advanced event marketing software on the market, guaranteed.
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Live Video Broadcasting of Events
PromoStream™ brings your event to the world with live video streaming, broadcasting, and on-demand viewing. With PromoStream you can sell digital tickets to a digital event hosted online and broadcast video from your device live to attendees.
PromoStream allows you to sell merchandise during the stream to attendees with our integrated PromoJuice Merchandise module, initiate live chat functionalities for attendees, and even collect donations. Save your broadcasts and sell a "non-live" ticket for viewership at a later date with our video on demand service.
Now you can throw an event and have attendees view from all over the globe, with unlimited attendance, and minimal expense. PromoStream's servers are the fastest on the planet, with a video latency of just 1.x seconds to anywhere in the world. You can be sure when you say your event is "live" you really mean it.
Smarter Event Organizer Software
PromoSuite™ is the software application which integrates PromoTix's advanced fee-free ticketing platform, PromoStream's live event broadcasting capabilities, and PromoJuice's advanced marketing platform, allowing the event organizer to manage everything on one central dashboard.
PromoSuite uses the data from PromoTix's global ticket buyer database to suggest matches and find new audiences reachable through PromoJuice's advanced marketing modules. PromoSuite uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive more revenue for your event.
It's like having your very own marketing assistant who's finding new leads for you, and presenting researched opportunities to drive new sales, all while you sleep.
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