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Zero Ticket Fees

PromoTix never charges ticket service fees to you, or your customers, ever.

This means you'll make more money on your event when you price your ticket at the final price the customer is willing to pay to attend. You know, the price they paid that used to include fees that your previous ticketing company got rich of off.

  • 100% Free - No Ticket Service Fees
  • Stripe Credit Card Processing
  • Daily Payouts
  • Complete Reporting
  • Guest Lists
  • Discount Codes
  • Box Office Point of-Sale System

Event creators who switch to PromoTix make an average of 27% more revenue with zero expense - pure profit.


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$1 Per Viewer

Up to 5,000 Attendees and 2-Hour Live Streams

For virtual events, pricing is based on the amount of data we expect your event to use. We've simplified it to $1 per viewer for virtual events up to 2 hours in length and up to 5,000 attendees. For events longer, or larger, contact us for special enterprise pricing based on your specific event's needs.

  • Built into PromoTix's 100% Fee-Free Ticketing
  • Unique Viewer URLs Allow Only One Viewer Per Ticket Sold
  • More Safe and Secure Than Zoom, Facebook, or YouTube
  • Capture Your Broadcast for Video-On-Demand Monetization
  • Capable of Events at Any Size and Any Length
  • Includes Live Chat for Audience Interaction
  • Ultra Low-Latency Streaming, the Fastest in the World
  • OBS Integration for Complex Productions
  • Incredibly Easy to Go Live

PromoStream is the fastest low-latency secured streaming platform in the world built for monetization.

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Powerful Event Marketing Software

No Other Ticketing Company Can Match These Capabilities 

We started as a marketing company, not a ticketing company. With that in mind, we've developed marketing tools for event organizers that no other ticketing platform has ever built before. These suite of optional tools do one thing: sell more!

  • All Marketing Modules Are Optional
  • No Purchase Necessary

Pricing for the optional PromoJuice modules are listed below:

100% Free

Ambassador Recruitment, Tasks and Rewards

  • Setup Tasks and Reward Ambassadors for a Job Well Done
  • Recruit Ambassadors From Thousands on Our Network
  • Unlimited Ambassadors & Unlimited Campaigns

We'll never charge you to build out your team.


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10% Commission

Ambassador Ticket Sales & Merchandise Sales 

  • Sell Tickets Through Ambassadors for Cash or Credit
  • Sell Tickets Online Through Ambassador Affiliate Links
  • Sell Merchandise Inventory Directly Integrated from Shopify

Event organizers see an average of 16% increase in revenue with an ambassador program running.


$995 / Year

Ambassador Social Promo Tracking 

  • Track Social Media Posts Around Your Event
  • Create Social Templates for Ambassadors to Share

Event organizers see an average of 12,000+ organic social posts with Ambassador Social Promo.


$995 / Year

Ambassador Street Promo Tracking 

  • Track Posters and Flyers on a GPS Map
  • Track Screen Shots for Online Ambassador Activities

Event organizers can see exactly where promotions are happening on the ground in real time with Ambassador Street Promo.


$995 / Year

Gamified Registration Pages 

  • Get Fans to Promote Your Event
  • Make Events Go Viral With Competition and Gamified Strategies
  • Collect Massive Amounts of Marketing Contact Data
  • Create Another Opportunity for Promotion Before Tickets Go On Sale

Event organizers can see exactly where promotions are happening on the ground in real time with Ambassador Street Promo.


$995 / Year

Spotify Listener Insights 

  • See Who Your Attendees are Listening to On Spotify
  • Build Better Lineups That Resonate with Your Database
  • Sell Out Shows Quickly By Booking the Right Acts

If a ticket buyer told you exactly who you needed to book for them to purchase a ticket to your show, you'd listen, right?


$250 / Mo.

Custom Branded Mobile Apps  

  • Launch a Mobile App for Your Business in Minutes
  • No Development Experience Needed
  • Google Play and Apple App Stores
  • Promote Single Events or Multiple Events

Announce shows and on-sales with direct app notifications using your very own branded mobile app.



100% Free Event Management Software

Tie It All Together

PromoSuite brings it all together for you into one easy-to-use cloud-based application.

  • Complete Integration from Ticketing, to Marketing, to Live Broadcast or Event
  • One Master Login for All Solutions We Offer
  • Transparency Across All Data Points
  • Mobile Checkin & Attendee Scanning


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