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*Numbers for YouTube are GROSS and are calculated by your CPM rate entered multiplied by number of views.

The amount shown for PromoStream Earnings are NET, and is a realistic view of what you would earn after all fees deducted, including streaming data charges and credit card processing fees.

We encourage you to continue to produce and release your regular YouTube content, and promote your Live Premium Content to your viewers. Amount shown for PromoStream earnings would be in addition to your regular YouTube earnings.

More Than Double Your YouTube Income With Premium Live Content on PromoStream

Sell Tickets to Exclusive High Quality Live Streaming Events

If you're looking for a way to increase your YouTube earnings with minimal efforts, look no further. Offering fans an intimate way to connect with their favorite creator is an easy sell. Selling tickets to an exclusive live stream event is enticing for loyal fans looking to demonstrate their support. Even at the price of just $1, if a small percentage of an audience attends live premium content, creators could profit tens of thousands of dollars.

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Engage More with Loyal Fans

Not only will you increase your revenue by hosting a private live stream event, but you will get a chance to engage more with your audience. Those that purchase tickets are loyal fans who are eager to engage deeper. Through the live chat feature you can connect with them more than ever before. 

Free Ticketing, You Only Pay for the Data

We provide a service fee-free ticketing platform to monetize each and every view of your video. Just like a live event, your customers purchase tickets to attend your live premium show in advance, or at the door. They'll never pay a ticket service fee and neither will you! You'll select a data plan that you can upgrade as you sell more tickets. The fees for data depend on the number of expected viewers and the quality of the stream you intend to broadcast. 



How Monetizing Your Live Premium Video Content Works

Your viewers buy tickets to your upcoming scheduled live show. We send them an email with their digital ticket and remind them when the show is about to begin. We employ a virtual front gate that scans your viewer's ticket and generates a unique one-session-viewable URL (so it can't be shared with non-paying viewers.) PromoTix handles the charging of customers, issuing of tickets, and virtual venue to host your live premium content and stream it to the world.

The Fastest Live Streaming in the World - Perfect for Interactivity

We are proud to maintain the fastest live streaming ultra low latency servers in the world. The backend technology behind PromoStream can send a live video stream around the world and back in 1.X seconds, which creates a perfect scenario for audience interaction.


Features You Won't Find On Youtube
Even If You Wanted to, You Couldn't Do This...
live streaming platform
Secured Virtual Event Live Streaming
YouTube Has No Secured Live Streaming Solution
YouTube has no solution for virtual events other than to send your attendee a private link that they could share with others.
That means you'll have no insights as to who's watching your stream, it won't be secured per ticket purchased, and you'll have to pay for another third-party application to sell tickets.
PromoTix has a built in streaming solution, that's secured with a unique URL per ticket buyer, so you are sure that only those who paid for the event can watch it. You'll also know exactly who checked-in and who didn't with our virtual front gates scanning each and every ticket to the stream.
Create a Premium Show Schedule App
Launch Your Channel's Own Mobile App on iPhone and Android
Without development experience, you can launch your own custom branded mobile app for iPhone and Android to highlight your Premium Shows and Events right from the PromoTix platform.
In just 10 minutes you can design, test, and output your final mobile application. No expensive developers. No extensive timelines to go live.
Try asking YouTube to do that for you.
mobile apps
Daily Payouts Before The Show
Get Payouts Daily Leading Up To Your Live Show
With our Stripe integration, you'll receive daily payouts before your event occurs.
You're in control of your funds and since PromoTix doesn't charge fees for ticketing, you'll only pay your credit card processing fees with Stripe.
You'll keep approximately 97% of your income, a far cry from what YouTube pays.
Connect Your Shopify Store
Drive Merchandise Sales During Your Live Show
If you sell merchandise on your website and use Shopify, you'll love our integration for PromoTix.
You'll soon be able to sell merchandise in a carrousel below the live stream, so while attendees are watching your premium live content, they can also purchase your merchandise without leaving to another screen or site.
This is a great way to drive even more revenue during your premium live show.

YouTube and PromoStream

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