Benefits to Brag About

Wait 'til your customers get wind of Fee-Free Ticketing.
"Ticket processing fees are the number one hated fees paid by consumers above ATM fees, resort fees, and even credit card fees."
- The Motley Fool

Finally, Profit-Enhancing Pricing
No hidden fees, no surprise charges or secret fine print.
Keep More
Make 10-30% More Per Ticket Sold
With Fee Free Ticketing, you can raise your final ticket price since you know nothing will be added onto the backend.
The customer pays exactly what was advertised and you'll keep 100% of the income. This is money, straight to your bottom line.
Control 100% of your money with Daily Payouts for Ticket Sales through Stripe. Just one of our many event management software benefits.
Convert More
Convert Up to 25% More Buyers
Fee Free Ticketing has proven to sell more tickets to events. Customers convert more easily when they see there are no added fees.
Additionally, with PromoJuice, you'll be able to sell more tickets through multiple channels of marketing including Brand Ambassador and Street Team Programs, Mobile apps, Social Ads, Email, Text, and many other event management software features.
Even more valuable may be the opportunities and insights for booking talent and launching targeted advertising to ticket buyers who are listening to those acts and want to see the performers you're booking. This helps drive ticket sales in ways you just can't do on your own.
Logo Email
PromoStream Dark@1.5x
Reach More
Sell 15-20% More With New Audiences
Start reaching new customers with your messaging by tapping into our database or live streaming your event to an audience around the globe.
Not only will you'll have access to a variety of optional marketing tools that will help you sell up to 25% more tickets to your events every year, you'll also be able to sell more tickets to attendees who want to attend your event virtually. Many of our PromoStreamers reach more people virtually than they do at their live events!
Take your event global and sell tickets to anyone, anywhere, who wants to join in on the event.
The Ticketing Fee-Free Bottom Line
With the Other Guys
Price Paid for Ticket
= $100
Ticketing Fees Up to 27%
= $27 Goes to Ticketing Company
Other Event Expenses 63%
= $63 Expensed
Your Profit
= $10
With PromoTix
Price Paid for Ticket
= $100
Ticketing Fees of 0%
= $0 Goes To Ticketing Company
Other Event Expenses 63%
= $63 Expensed
Your Profit
= $37
And It Doesn't Stop There...
You'll Also Increase Sales with Advanced Marketing Tools and Event Live Broadcasting. Check out the full list of features here: PromoSuite Event Management Software Features.
Increase Revenue, Margin, & Profit with PromoSuite